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Wish List and Search Samples

Ever since we’ve launched our new site, we’ve been thrilled at the response we’ve seen from our customers. Thanks to you we continually received suggestions, comments, and questions that have helped our site evolve.

Several of the most recent additions to our site include the ability to now add any product to a wish list. Simply look for the “Add to Wish List” link on any album or songbook page, and you’ll be redirected to sign in to your account. After login, the album or songbook is conveniently displayed in the wish list section found within your account. It’s a great way to keep track of the music you’ve heard, and want to buy in the future.

We’ve also made a simple tweak to our search to enable you to more easily find the music you’re looking for. As a result, any search that yields song results will display either a PDF or music icon, so you can easily preview the song from within the search. No more having to go to the product page to find out if it’s the song you’re looking for.

One Response to “Wish List and Search Samples”
  1. Shane Brown says:

    Hi guys, great job on the site! You’re doing awesome! I love how you are so proactive! I wonder if possibly you can offer all the latest releases that Deseret Book offers. Such titles as Nearer (A collection of favorite hymns), Happy Daze (from Alex Boyé), Come Thou Fount (Mormon Tabernacle Chior), etc. Maybe even try tapping into some of the more contemporary artists like Shaun Barrowes (Emotion Constelation), Benton Paul (Grey, and Run), My Stake Dance (LDS Dance Music which can be found at, and Truman (Hold on to Love). Thanks. I think this will work well because here you offer the best pricing I’ve seen anywhere. Great job!!

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