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The Hymns we know

We all know the feeling of sitting down in church, looking up at the hymns and thinking, “Man, who picked that one? I’ve never heard it and don’t know how to sing it.” My parents mentioned they sang “Ring Out, Wild Bells” last Sunday, but they had never heard it. But in one of my wards, the chorister picked that song every new year, so I was familiar with it and enjoy singing it.

But we all have our favorite hymns to sing, especially as the seasons change. What are some of the songs you like to sing that maybe others haven’t had a lot of practice singing? Or are you the chorister that forces everyone to sing something other than Come, Come Ye Saints?

One Response to “The Hymns we know”
  1. Shannon says:

    I love the lesser known hymns. Every so often one catches me off guard and I have to fake my way through it, but mostly they’re a nice change. One of my favorites is #50 Come Thou Glorious Day of Promise. I like it with a slower tempo or a faster one!

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