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Paul Layton Cardall – American Pianist & Overcome of Congenital Heart Disease

Paul Layton Cardall was born in April 24, 1973 is an American Pianist known for his wonderful compositions and various hymns. He is an internationally acclaimed pianist, producer and film composer. His music produces a unique soul and heartfelt musical style. Many fans all over the world enjoy each and every compositions and hymns. When there is lot of depression and problems, Paul music literally soothes the heart and nurtures the soul. Paul Cardall childhood story would be different from other artists. He started his piano class as kids at the age of eight, but quit six months later. Paul has a large family, there were eight kids and there wasn’t a lot of pressure to play. The main reason is he didn’t even like it, but he loved music. Paul music career started when he was a teenager, his friend passed away in car accident. That day Paul went to the piano in his parent’s living room and there he discovered he could play by ear and the music and melody came to him seemed to just give him the comfort and peace. Piano became a regular thing and addiction. Piano became a good friend to Paul, where he used to practice for three hours a day because it was so special and made him to feel the peace and joy of god. When others started to motivate him and asked to play piano he was out of the world. Paul was suffering from a congenital heart defect; he was given only days to live, but defied medical expectations and lot of series of surgeries and illnesses throughout his childhood. Paul was born with essentially half functioning heart. His illnesses has shaped cardall’s musical style and inspired dozens of popular melodic compositions and arrangements. Paul heart was really damaged from many surgeries, and it had enlarged so doctors suggested to remove it. Paul says about his TV experience in an interview, how he felt while entering the surgery room. He saw all pieces of equipment’s as an orchestra. He found his life in music and got a new life after heart transplant. Hi album titled new life debuted as the number one Billboard new age album in February 2011 and held a position in the top five for more than 30 weeks. Radio station States that new life as the best album of 2011. When there was a heart transplant for Paul in September 2009 he shared his experience with family, friends and his fans through blog where millions of people followed his blog and his albums. Paul Cardall founded his own record Stone Angel Music in 1999. The studio is located in the heart of Salt Lake City featuring a large orchestral live room, piano room, drum room, iso-booth and two mix rooms and including a offices for the record label. His role model composers are Mozart, pianists David Laznz, George Winston and Yanni. From their influence he started to build blocks and create his own compositions who reflect ideas from other novels and fairytales. He receives inspirations in a variety of music like rock, country, classical, film scores. Paul Cardall Family Foundation is a non-profit organization for patients and families who are struggling with congenital heart disease. The organizations purpose is to support being pro-active with healthcare and celebrating life by pursuing a further education. The Paul & Kristina Cardall Scholarship were established with the help from Salt Lake Community College (SLCC), for students with congenital heart disease. Paul Cardall has performed at benefit concerts for individuals like himself, who are fighting for their chance to receive a heart transplant. The beginning of summer 2014, Paul Cardall performed locally in Salt Lake City for a young boy who suffered from heart illness, like Cardall. His albums are Christmas box, Piano solos, looking glass, A journey of hope and healing, daily devotions, faithful, live, primary worship, sacred piano, new life, ephraims rescue, saving tiny hearts, 40 hymns for forty days etc. Cardall attended Salt Lake Community College in Utah and received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters. Cardall is married to Kristina Cardall and has two daughters Eden and Eliza. In LDs Music and LDs Hymns Paul Layton Cardall albums plays a vital role than other artists.

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