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It is truly the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
December 11, 2011

For some reason, my little boy is saying “I love you” a lot more often. I think we are all just generally more happy to be alive during the Christmas season because we have more focus on giving and more reasons to grateful for what we have.

Today I am grateful for:

  • My little boy shaking jingle bells and singing the song to my little girl
  • My little girl looked up and me and smiled
  • My husband who is willing to help
  • My home to keep us warm
  • Our health and safety
What has the season helped you be grateful for?

Christmas Progress
December 4, 2011

How is your Christmas shopping? I am pathetically behind, but I am ahead on how I feel about the holiday. While I may not be totally decorated or totally prepared, for some reason this year feels extra special. I know I am extremely blessed and I am grateful for what I have and that seems to be good enough for now.

This is not me.

Now to just translate all of that into energy to do the things I need to do. Right? Hey, at least I got the tree up!

We’re thinking: giveaway.
November 23, 2011

We think now is a good time for a giveaway.

The deadline to enter is December 15. Best of luck!


Because I have been Given Much
November 18, 2011

As Thanksgiving nears, I can’t help but think of all the many blessings I enjoy. There are good things happening in life at all times, no matter how hard things may be. Here are a few things I needed to tell myself the past while:

  • When your car breaks down, remember that you have someone to call and talk to it about.
  • When you burn dinner, be thankful for a freezer that can hold a pizza.
  • When you don’t feel well, remember you can lay down and dream.
  • When you wish your to-do list was shorter, be grateful for your ability to be here and accomplish something.

Because I have been Given Much, I too must give. Not only can I look on the brighter side for myself, but I am striving to look to help someone. What about you?

A Fire is Still Burning
November 8, 2011

My ultimate favorite band, The Killers, has a wonderful lead-singer named Brandon Flowers that is also a Mormon. We don’t sell his music here on or anything, but I think each of us can appreciate the difference someone can make in the world as he is conscious of his wife, family, and life and incorporates that into his music career. We all have a piece of the flame that we can share in one way or another. Enjoy this glimpse into his “rock star” life:

A Fire Still Burning


Project 52
October 29, 2011

In my new ward a lot of the Relief Society women have a set of goals they call “Project 52” — essentially, at the beginning of the year, each of them set 52 goals, one one for each week of the new year.

Some are easier than others, some span over every month, some are major projects. Some involve others, some are personal goals. But they periodically update their Project 52 lists on their blogs and it is a very interesting way to keep track of your goals and not be overwhelmed.

I thought I would share this with you now and you can begin to think about what goals you may include. Don’t overwhelm yourself, just write down things that you can accomplish each week that you have been putting off.

Here are some examples:

1. Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover.
2. Go rock climbing
3.  write in journal 1x month
4.  replace pictures in frames
5. go to a museum
6. make a new skirt
7. run a 5K
8. read 1 book/month
9. clean out closet
10. finish a scrapbook

What do you think? It is a good way to tackle some goals. Go, fight, win!

Music at Conference
October 9, 2011

You know when you DVR Conference and you go back to watch it again? You are looking for one specific thing someone said or fell asleep during one talk or had to work during a session? Well, when I go back to watch it, I sometimes think, “Yeah, it’ll go faster because I can fast forward through the songs.” But EVERY time I think that, I end up loving every second of the songs they sing. It is just such a relaxing, spirit-bringing, beautiful part of Conference (and I was just watching on TV!)

What is your reaction to Conference this time? What was your favorite song?

The Men are at Priesthood
October 2, 2011

So, ladies, what do you do when the men are at Priesthood Session? This was always the worst night to be a server in Provo. The ladies would come with the children at 5:30, eat healthy and cheap, then stay and chat until 8:00. Then the men would come with their teenage sons and eat not healthy and cheap. Either of those combinations would never tip! Haha.

But sometimes we go to dinner. Sometimes we get crafty. Sometimes we prepare for something for Sunday. Sometimes we stay home.

What do you do? What other fun Conference Traditions do you have?

Product Spotlight: Interchangeable Gospel Art Kit Display Frame
September 20, 2011

One unique thing (among the many) of the LDS Church is our amount of stories. From Joseph Smith’s beautiful First Vision story to the Pioneer children walking across the plains, to the fascinating battles of the Book of Mormon and the building of temples across the globe, our religion is full of things that we all can just imagine in our minds.

I think that is why we have so much art! The classic paintings of Book of Mormon scenes are so prevalent, as are the depictions of Jesus performing miracles. These pictures are available in the Gospel Art Kit (from Distribution Services).

On our website, you can get a beautiful frame that makes it easy to display various pieces by easily interchanging them. Here is the description:

“Display the Gospel Art Book images in your home with this beautiful hardwood interchangeable frame. Updating the images is easy and can serve as a daily reminder from your family home evening lesson. One Gospel Art Book is included with the frame.”

So you’d be all set! You can purchase the frame by clicking here.

Choir Memories
September 16, 2011

We went to our Stake Conference this past Sunday and enjoyed listening to the children’s choir. I had totally forgotten about my experience in a Stake Conference children’s choir back in the day! When I participated I totally misbehaved during the conference without realizing that my mother was watching me the entire time. Yes, poor judgement on my part. I also remember we went to choir practice several times (perhaps I am mixing up Primary Sacrament Meeting practice) and we sang “Teach Me to Walk in the Light” so many times that I was bored. I remember thinking to myself, “How could anyone not know this song by now?”

But looking back it makes me appreciate all of the hours that the chorister, pianist, parents and teachers put in to make the performance go as well as it possibly could. And then there were the 8-year-olds that were oblivious and misbehaved during the program. How sorry I am now! I am sure I have handfuls of mutual leaders, primary teachers and presidency members that deserve a long list of apologies.

What about you? Do you owe anyone an apology for behavior choices you made long ago?




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