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New LDSMusicNow Website Launched

At the first of November, we launched our new LDSMusicNow website. This new site and redesign has been over a year in the making. We’ve carefully taken feedback from our customers, looked at industry trends, churned some ideas ourselves, and really have worked to ensure the best shopping experience possible for an online LDS music download site. What are a few of the new things you’ll see?

Smart, One Page Checkout – We’re really excited about our new checkout system. Have you ever hated going through 5-10 steps to finally make a purchase online? Our new checkout is one page. That’s it! Enter your e-mail address, and it’ll automatically determine if you’re a new user or not. Everything takes place on one page, and information can be saved to help cut down on future transactions.

Automatic Multiple Copy Discounts (Sheet Music Only) – If you purchase 5 copies or more of individual sheet music or songbooks, you’ll automatically receive our multiple copy discount at checkout.

RSS Feed – RSS feeds are a great way to stay up to date on a site without having to visit it on a daily basis. Most modern web browsers have RSS functionality built-in. As a result, simply click the RSS you see in the address bar (or on the left side of our site), and click subscribe. Free downloads, top songs, new/features releases, and more are broadcast via the RSS feed.

Audio Reviews – Steven Kapp Perry’s famous Cricket & Seagull radio show is a great way for LDS music enthusiasts to find out about some of the latest music available in the market. We’ve worked with Steven to acquire his radio interviews and reviews for the applicable music we carry. Just look for the Hear Audio Review button on any album/songbook page, and listen away!

Help Desk – As our site has grown, we’ve always made customer service a major focus. In order to help us provide a superior customer service experience, we’ve implemented an initiative help desk system. This allows us to more easily track any issues or questions that arise, and ensure they’re addressed in a timely manner.

Weekly Free Downloads – In the past, we’ve always offered free monthly downloads, but are thrilled to now be able to offer free weekly downloads of both MP3 and sheet music.

In addition to those features above that you can take advantage of now, we’ve got lots of exciting new features planned (one of them being the introduction of this very own blog). Some of these include additional payment methods during checkout, radio functionality, guest checkout, and more. Keep watching for these and great new content to come!

One of the major changes that has also occurred is the combination of our two sites, and Previously the two were segregated due to one selling MP3 downloads while the other being dedicated to sheet music downloads. We worked with Barry Hansen at Hansen Creative on the new design to be able to provide a great new way to navigate and find both music types with ease.

As always, we welcome your feedback and comments, and look forward to continuing to serve our valuable customers.

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