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New Janice Kapp Perry Album

This week was a fun one because we began recording a new album for Janice Kapp Perry and had Daniel Beck in to do some vocals for us. Michael Dowdle was on guitar, with Steve Lerud engineering at Lakeview Recording. All of these people are masters at what they do and it was readily apparent, as we laid down finished tracks that they had only seen the music for less than a half hour earlier.

Great musicians comprehend a song on the first look or first hearing, and when they perform it, they do so with all the feeling, intonation, phrasing, style and dynamics on the first playback, as it were. It is such a pleasure to work with the pros.

With a number of projects underway, the industry seems to be picking up a bit for the fall season. Sales at LDSMusicNow are higher than ever, so people still seem to want inspiring music. We are grateful that the genre has not disappeared, but is changing and returning.

Brand new albums just out include April Meservy’s Somewhere between Sunsets, and Todd McCabe and April Moriarty’s new My Redeemer Lives: Gethsemane. Both are excellent products coming out at a time when they are needed. You can sample them by listening to the speaker icon next to each song. Have fun!

– Greg Hansen

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