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LDSMusicNow Welcomes Kerry Christensen

Did you know there is a difference between cowboy yodeling and alpine yodeling? Kerry Christensen is a welcome new addition to LDSMusicNow. He is a master full-time yodeler with credits as big as a western sunset and the Swiss Alps. His concerts and events this year will take him to as many as 23 U.S. states and two or three countries. and he recently lent his unique classical yodeling talent to a full-length Disney animated feature called “Home on the Range.”

Kerry is a great example of an artist who took something unique, worked hard at it, and created a niche for himself. He lives in Provo Canyon, UT-not a mecca location for yodeling arts-but even that didn’t stop him. He is a one-man show wherever he goes, and he does it well.

I once went back to Washington State for a vacation. We went to the local fair in Leavenworth, a small tourist town modeled after those in Switzerland because of it’s Bavarian heritage. Lo and behold, there was Kerry performing in the town square. We enjoyed seeing someone we knew from back in Utah.

Kerry is a great model for those who want to pursue music as a career. Listen to some of his work on our sample pages. You can download his albums from LDSMusicNow, or order physical cd’s from

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