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LDS Scriptures Subscriptions Now Available

For over a year, we’ve been quietly working on adding a new feature that many may be surprised we have added to a music download site. That feature? The ability to subscribe to your desired frequency of LDS scriptures from any of the standard works.

We really feel that, despite the added convenience of iPhone, Android, and Blackberry apps, everyone still is required to take the time and effort to turn on their phone, open up that application, and start reading. Yes, it’s a simple thing to do, but why not simply open up your real hardcopy of the scriptures to do the same thing?

Unfortunately, people get lazy, and they don’t take the time and effort required to do something as simple as opening their scriptures to read on a daily basis. Modern day prophets ask us to do this. Why is it so hard?

We’ve pondered this, and feel we’ve come up with a pretty good solution that reaches across platforms and hopefully will overcome a lot of that laziness that is inside of us.

Take a look at and you’ll find yourself with the ability to subscribe to any of the 4 standard works, start at whatever point you’d like, as well as choose the amount of versus or chapters you receive on a daily basis. Unlike similar services, which require you to make an effort at the end of each day to say, “I have read this,” our service will continue to send you the e-mails on a daily basis regardless of if you have read them or not.

We’ve been testing this, and have had many others beta test and have found it to become a major part of our lives. We wake up in the morning, and the first time we check our e-mail during the day, we have scriptures to read. We take the time to ponder and become uplifted during the day.

Our goal has been to make this as simple as possible and require very little effort. You setup the initial subscription, and you’re set. You suddenly have scriptures coming to you via e-mail everyday. Should you find you want to change anything about your subscription, or even receive multiple subscriptions, we have added this ability via our My Account section. Simply login, and you can easily change the book, starting point, and amount of versus/chapters you receive on a daily basis.

We have a lot of plans to continue to roll out features to this portion of our site. One that we’re especially excited about, is the ability to receive and study scriptures surrounding a topic (i.e. prayer).

We hope you enjoy the new LDSMusicNow Scriptures ability of, and welcome your feedback.

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