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“Laugh Learn and Imagine with Music”

We would like to introduce you to the latest addition to Down by the River by Vickie Christensen. This fun and exciting music for children inspires values. Each ideal is also accompanied by free coloring pages and lesson plans to really makes the lessons stick with your children. You can check out the previews here, download the free album extras here, watch the one-minute videos here and purchase the album (or individual songs) here.

Vickie adds: I began writing songs for my grandchildren–songs to inspire their imaginations, songs to make them dance and sing, songs that teach them values and how to approach life. That was the beginning of Children’s Values Schoolhouse. As the list of songs grew, I wanted to share the musical joy not only with my family, but also with friends and other families in an ever-widening circle of acquaintances.

My goal in producing and publishing these first songs is to have a professional, engaging and approachable album that inspires:

· Values
· Imagination
· Thoughtfulness
· Joy & Laughter
· Learning moments

We welcome Vickie to the LDS Music Now world of artists and are excited to have her enriching songs part of our library.

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