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Kerry Christensen – Best Alpine Yodelers


Kerry Christensen is one of the world’s best Alpine yodelers. He was born in October 6 1954 in Grace Idaho. He used to yodels in both western and alpine styles. He is used to play in accordion, zither and alphorn. The most excited about Kerry is a very good at imitating chickens. He began a simple life, where he was raised on a potato farm in Grace, Idaho. A performer from the age of three, he has sung everything from western ballads to barbershop music. Kerry spent two years in the country of Austria right out of high school. There he became interested in the alpine yodeling art. During his travels to Austria in the period of 1974 to 1976, he discovered the folk music that would be his life. He became interested in the alpine yodeling art. After mastering the difficult medium he was asked in 1983 to move his six member family to Orlando, Florida. He practice yodeling 14-15 hours a day in his potato field by driving the family tractor. He used to do farming and yodeling at a same time. With the great passion, Kerry’s first yodeling performance was in 1977at a Brigham young University Orientation assembly. His yodeling brought 15,000 students to their feet for a standing ovation. His Music Career started when Disney World in Orlando, Florida hired him to work at the German Pavilion of the Epcot Center in 1984.He worked in the Disney world Yodeler from 1984 to 1990 and also the leader of the night band for the last four of those years. After his experience at Disney, Kerry is one of the most successful professional yodelers in the United States. He used to participate at various German festivals around U.S and Canada during the summer. In 1990, Christensen became a freelance yodeler and performs worldwide. He has recorded 12 albums, including U 2 Can Yodel; album is a course of people wanting to learn the yodeling techniques. In 2009, he was signed to yodel for the surrealist cartoon Living Evil, written and directed by Dadaist and Surrealist artists the Hive of Dukes. anni Osmond, co-founder of the Hive, is an avid music historian and professed “weird music fan”, and when he saw Kerry yodeling on YouTube, he found his phone number and hired Christensen on the spot. Today Kerry performs all kinds of corporate, festival, and community concert events. His concerts and events is going to be conducted in 23 US states and two or three countries internationally. Kerry is the only full time yodeler in the world that specializes in all styles of yodeling. He can be strictly alpine, or he can put on his Stetson hat and do an all-cowboy yodeling show. However, many of Kerry’s fans say that their favorite show is when Kerry mixes up the styles. You will hear cowboy, alpine, Cajun, Latin, Jewish, Hawaiian, jazz, classical, and his always popular humorous yodeling renditions. In LDs Music and LDs Hymns  Kerry Christensen albums plays a vital role than other artists.

Career Highlights

1996 National Western Music Association Yodeling Champion

Disney World Yodeler 1984 – 1990

Excaliber Hotel – Las Vegas, NV

Cruise Ships to Alaska, Panama, Caribbean

Cultural Festivals in the U.S., Canada, Austria, Singapore

Barleen Family Arizona Opry

Goldener Hirsch Inn at Deer Valley, UT

State Fairs in Florida, Idaho, Utah, New England (Big E)

Brief History When Where Doing What

1954 to 1974 Born and raised in Grace, ID Barbershop,
Musical Theater

1974 to 1976 Lived in Austria Exposed to language, culture,
and music

1976 to 1978 Attended BYU “Sunshine Express”
performing group

1978 Married Kathie Singing at The Heidelberg Restaurant

1979 Daughter Emilie born BA in Financial Planning

1981 Daughter Katie born Yodeler at Snowbird Resort

1982 Son Jonathan born (Still there)

1984 to 1990 Florida to work for Disney Yodeler at German

1990 Home

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