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John Schmidt – New Age Classical American Pianist Biography


                                                                                                          John Schmidt was born in 1966 as an American pianist, prominent musician and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is sometimes called as Mormon Church. He is currently residing in Bountiful, Utah. He was born to German immigrants and describes his style as “new-age Classical” He likes many composers as Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin. His music journey began at age 11 by writing songs to many albums. John Schmidt parents gave early education in music as early as age six and at the age of twenties John Schmidt was a successful solo pianist and composer. At the early age, John Schmidt was afraid of his successful career in music. So Schmidt studied English with plans to get an MBA. Schmidt wife name is Michelle and have five children’s. Schmidt has also worked with Peter Breinholt in producing music for especially for youth. He currently works with Steven Sharp Nelson on a project called The Piano Guys. John Schmidt music has more than a religious impact and reaches most of the Mormon audience. His style is a combination of New Age, Rock ‘n Roll and classical where all ages of people enjoy the music and appeals to a diverse audience. John Schmidt is devoted to god first and then his family and music. He has inspired teenagers to stick with their piano lessons and children to try it for them. Schmidt has recorded seven albums. His Christmas concerts are sell-out, legendary fare, and Jon appears at numerous benefit concerts around the Salt Lake valley and throughout the country. Nowadays music is not important for many people as it is considered as a brand to sell, whereas according to john music is a breadth of fresh air. His aim is to create pure music and reach the listener an innovative music experience. Schmidt performance at the concert – making one of the writers to explain his music journey Jon Schmidt plays with his elbows. He stands. He even plays upside down and backward. Every note gets a chance to be heard when he’s running the keyboard. He plays like he may never have a chance to perform again, swaying back and forth and bobbing his head to the tunes he is unleashing. He nods to the audience when he comes to his favorite parts of his music. Music Group – The Piano Guys is one of the famous music group in Utah. Recently The Piano guys have fifty videos and more than 500 million YouTube hits. They have close to 200 singles and six albums. Schmidt was one of the most important founding musicians in the music group. The music group was developed when Schmidt was in St. George, Utah, and walked into a local piano store, The Piano Guys asked help for seeking a place to rehearse for an upcoming concert. Anderson wanted to promote his store and sell pianos more effectively. Then he got a idea to set up a Facebook page and a YouTube channel wanting to feature artists playing his pianos. The idea was approached to Schmidt and the first video featuring Schmidt soon followed. Schmidt friend Steven Sharp Nelson is a second musician to join the group. Paul Anderson is the group’s producer and videographer. Al Van Der Beek is a music producer and songwriter. John Schmidt is a rare commodity in today’s music world and often labeled as a “New Age” artist, Jon takes the essence of New Age and turns it on its head. John has been able to find a pure sound that is distinctly his own without ever succumbing to the trappings of the music genre. In LDs Music and LDs Hymns John Schmidt albums plays a vital role than other artists.

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