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Jessie Clark Funk Biography


  • Jessie Clark Funk was born in Provo Utah, where she was involved in voice lessons, dance and singing. She attended Utah valley state college where she studied multimedia as a major emphasizing in sound engineering and film. In 2002 and 2003, Jessie had an opportunity to move for 26 state tour of the country with the national touring company of the hit Broadway show Footloose. She is a Latter-day Saint inspirational vocalist with a strong, clear voice. She has a very supportive Mormon family where her parents
    started the interest in singing at the younger age. She has been performing since she was six years old in venues around the world. At fifteen,she got a wonderful opportunity by signing a recording contract with an independent affiliate of Sony Records and spent four months as a budding pop star. New environment and people made her to feel so lonely in Florida, so she decided to return home with a heavy heart and thought to sacrifice her music journey for her personal happiness. She realized that world was not for her. But her performing days has not ended. She continued to find opportunities to share her talent. Jessie began to record in her own music. At the age of sixteen, her dreams came true by getting a chance for a themed compilation CD.  She got many opportunities by working with the Sounds of Zion Company. She earned her eight FCMA Pearl Awards for two albums like “Clay in His Hands” and “Better than I,” and her recent album is “Everything Speaks His Name.” Jessie albums has more powerful in her lyrics, where Jessie’s strength and testimony are evident in the lyrics in each song including “True Believers” .The album “Be an Example,” was recorded for Especially for Youth, a camp experience which is held in U.S locations and abroad. Jessie meets Jim Funk a local songwriter and record producer. Jim’s biggest claim to fame is probably that he co-wrote “Buy Me a Rose,” which turned into a mega-hit for country singer Kenny Rogers. Jim hired me to sing on an EFY CD he was producing. One day Jessie and Jim fall in love and got married in May 2004.She have two children’s in Centerville, Utah. She shares her first baby experience as a mother and singer. They welcomed baby Janessa into the family and after some months she started to record her second cd. she is so blessed to be able to do both — to be a mother and to sing. It is very great to work with so many people who all value the gift of family. In LDs Music and LDs Hymns Jessie Clark Funk albums plays a vital role than other artists.

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