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Artist Spotlight: Cori Connors

This week’s free download includes the track “Eclipse” from the album Pontiac Rocket by artist Cori Connors. Visit the album page and download the free track by clicking here. We thought we would spotlight this artist! In addition to her website, we came across her blog (located at that has great details about her life and inspiration for songwriting.

In her sidebar, Cori describes herself: “In no particular order: I’m a writer and a singer and a guitar player and a wife, a mother and a daughter and a sister and a friend. I am a grandmother to Sophie and Parker and Ruby and Timo and Anna Bella. I am a believer. I am a cooker and a baker and a fine mess maker.”

The inspiration for Pontiac Rocket came from childhood memories of gathering in the station wagon for family trips to church or a summer trip to Idaho. The album has been reviewed as “sweet, powerful and truly memorable.”

Enjoy a look into Cori and her life as a musician as you download this week’s free track.

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